Leading Legal Document Distribution Software for Lawyers

Today it is difficult to imagine any sphere of our life without information technology. In legal activities, new technologies are also being actively introduced, so the work becomes much more rational, faster, and more convenient. Each lawyer works with a large amount of information, transferring, receiving, storing, and processing data.

The Meaning of the Legal Document Distribution Software for Lawyers

In the conditions of uncertainty, in which domestic business often finds itself, IT solutions are expected to be flexible in financial costs and the ability to quickly respond to current realities. Legal document distribution software for lawyers meets these requirements. Therefore, most experts note the great popularity of distribution solutions, emphasizing that in this respect, the market follows the global trend.

The legal document distribution system is a computer program (software) that allows you to organize work with electronic documents (creation, modification, search), as well as the interaction between employees (transfer of acts and contracts, issuing tasks, sending notifications, etc.). It provides requirements for fault tolerance and reliability of data storage, including support for the required levels of RAID arrays, the ability to “hot-swap”, and protection of cache memory sections serving write operations.

The main features of legal document distribution systems are:

  1. the need to provide targeted access to full texts;
  2. the need to take into account in information languages for searching in the database on the legislation of contextual links, the possibility of using prepositions and particles in the request;
  3. the need for legal processing of texts of normative acts, in which not only classification indices, keywords, or indexing descriptors are assigned to the text.

Besides, with the digital revolution, there is increasing use of IoT devices such as smart security systems and smart fitness trackers that are vulnerable to cyber security threats. 2022 showed us the IoT botnet. The botnet has been added to vulnerable access control systems, especially in office buildings. If an employee enters such an office building with a key card or fingerprint recognition, the infected system will put the employee’s data at risk.

Clio as the Leading Document Distribution Software

The work of a lawyer can be conditionally divided into several components: work with reference and legal information, technical work, and directly legal (work with documents). Working with documents, and, first of all, drawing up various contracts, statements, and official requests is a purely individual thing. In each case, a personal approach is required, ensuring that all points relevant to the case are taken into account. Automating such a process is extremely difficult, except for automating a program with a set of templates.

Perhaps Clio is one of the most integrated and easily accessible legal document management software applications. Clio is an open-source web-based case management solution. Some of its key features are queries, time management, data export (PDF, CSV, and TXT), calendar management, and time reporting.

Performance requirements of Clio document distribution software for lawyers include:

  • the performance that the disk array provides (IOPS, IOPS);
  • aggregated throughput;
  • specific cache management features.

Users can install the software on their own servers or use a paid hosting provider that offers free software installation and configuration. You can add an unlimited number of users. The data is stored in MySQL format and can be exported to all other database systems. The software is optimized for mobile devices and is accessible through any mobile browser.